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The 3D Brain
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VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is the ideal protocol for dissemination of 3-dimensional information across the Internet. This is for three reasons; small file size (conversion of original data set 9mb down to 200kb), ease of use and encoding, and expanding prevalence on the WWW, especially for applications in the biological sciences. New browsers, authors, and supporting software are constantly being developed and made available.

  • The 3D Brain provides idealized VRML-models of all important structures of the Drosophila adult brain.
  • The 3D Database is a continuously growing collection of mutant and wildtype phenotypes of larval, pupal and adult brain structures of Drosophila.

    Members of Flybrain are currently working to develop models that are both anatomically accurate and small in filesize. In this we plan to utilize new features of the developing VRML specifications, and as well, look towards other applications such as Sun's Java, to construct new anatomical VRML models for the Drosophila community.

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