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Browser Series
Bodian Frontal Series
Bodian Horizontal Series
Bodian Frontal Series -- Remote Window
Bodian Horizontal Series -- Remote Window
Bodian Frontal Series -- Reduced Filesize
Bodian Horizontal Series -- Reduced Filesize


Java is a flexible, platform-independent language environment that can run real-time applications through the WWW-browser. This page contains links to an image browser implemented in Java and Javascript. The browser allows the user to quickly manipulate a set of serial sections, with gridlines, annotations, text, and full size diagrams. This work is currently under development, to create faster, more user-friendly applications. Please be patient for each series as the browser loads all the images.

Remote Window Browsers

By clicking on the following links, a remote window will be opened to load the Java browser. After the remote window is loaded, the user may continue browsing in the main window without having to reload the java applet.

For the bodian frontal series:

For the bodian horizontal series:

Within Flybrain, there are other pages that make use of the floating remote window. The following link will take the user to a demonstration of VRML using remote windows.


This Java applet was constructed to allow the user to easily view sets of serial images. Along with the necessary class files are lists that coordinate image names to addresses, annotations, text, accompaning figures, and slide depth.

Control Buttons:
<<<Previous image
>>>Next image
GridToggle Gridlines on/off
AnnotateToggle Annotations on/off
LinkDownload linked image
TextOpen remote window with text descriptions of histological series

The images themselves can be in either gif or jpeg format, while the annotations must be formatted as transparent, interlaced gif images.

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