Submission and Citation of Data

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-completed-Data Submission

All data submitted to Flybrain will be subjected to peer review and will be citable. Data already in place has been peer-reviewed. It is also a condition of data inclusion that any Drosophila lines described will be made freely available to the scientific community.

Flybrain uses JPEG and GIF formats for graphic data, but other standard formats can be easily accepted. If you wish to submit data, please inform Flybrain-managers.

Authors can submit either ascii text files or HTML documents along with graphic data. If you decide to submit HTML documents, please use our template. Image data not already available in computer-readable form can be easily and cheaply transferred at high resolution. Full documentation is available from the Flybrain-managers.

* Citation of data included in Flybrain

All data included in Flybrain will receive a specific Flybrain accession number. You can see this Accession number at the bottom of each page. Even if the structure of Flybrain is, from time to time, reorganized, this accession number remains inviolate. It is used to cite from data in the database. A suggested method for citing an accession number within the citation list of a publication is:

* Citation of authored module in Flybrain

To cite an authored module in Flybrain, cite the relevant author(s), year of data acceptation, title and the accession number(s). e.g.

* Citation of Flybrain as a whole

Where the citation is to the database as a whole, please cite the following URL:

* Citation of the first published description of Flybrain

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