Different Behaviors of g and a'/b' Neurons
During Metamorphosis

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Figure 6 - Different behaviors of g and a'/b' neurons during metamorphosis.

Two-cell/single-cell MB clones were generated by inducing mitotic recombination during the 1st instar stage (A&D), the early 3rd instar stage (B&E), or the late 3rd instar stage (C&F). Their morphologies were examined right before PF (A-C) or about 18 hours after PF (D-F). Note that all larval born MB neurons share basic morphological features, including the axonal projection pattern and characteristic axonal side branches (arrowheads in A-C), before metamorphosis. After puparium formation, extensive degeneration of axonal branches in the lobe region is evident in g neurons, while a'/b' neurons extend fine processes (arrowheads in F) near the axonal terminals. In addition, dendritic processes (arrows) degenerate almost completely in g neurons but only partially in a'/b' neurons during early metamorphosis.

Genotype: (A,B,D,E) hs-FLP/Y ; FRTG13,tubP-GAL80/FRTG13,UAS-mCD8-GFP,GAL4-201Y and (C,F) hs-FLP/Y ; FRTG13,tubP-GAL80/FRTG13,UAS-mCD8-GFP ; GAL4-OK107/+.

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