Lobe Compositions of MB Nb Clones
Generated at Different Stages

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Figure 3 - Lobe compositions of MB Nb clones generated at different stages.

Partial composite confocal images of a whole MB (A & E) or MB Nb clones (B-D & F-H) reveal their axonal lobe. Green: GFP fluorescence; Red: FasII immunoreactivity. In the whole MB, GFP fluorescence was detected in all 5 lobes (A), while the anti-FasII Ab staining was strong in the a/b lobes, weak in the g lobes, and not detectable in the a'/b' lobes (E). Superimposing the GFP signal with the anti-FasII Ab staining (F-H) reveals the lobe compositions in various MB Nb clones. Note the presence of all five lobes in the MB Nb clone generated in the NHL (B&F); the lack of g lobe labeling in the clone generated in the mid-3rd instar stage (C&G); and the presence of only the a/b lobes in the clone generated after PF (D&H). Genotypes- (A&E): UAS-mCD8-GFP/+ ; GAL4-OK107/+; (B-D, F-H): hs-FLP/Y ; FRTG13,tubP-GAL80/FRTG13,UAS-mCD8-GFP ; GAL4-OK107/+.


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