Figure 11 - Analysis of eb R Neuron Structures

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Figure 11 - Analysis of eb R neuron structures in three different central complex structural mutants.

Three examples of adult brains from a single eb enhancer-trap line are shown for each mutant background. The ebo mutant phenotype is illustrated by c547 (R4m and R2 types). The ebo mutation causes a range of phenotypes, from nearly normal (A) to completely open at the ventral aspect (C). (DF) The ccb mutant phenotype is illustrated by pWF22-6 (R4d type). The ccb mutation causes a more severe range of phenotypes, from the failure to close at the ventral aspect (D) to a complete duplication of the structure (E, F). (GI) The cbd mutant phenotype is also illustrated by pWF22-6 (R4d type). The cbd mutation causes the most severe range of phenotypes. Axons from either hemisphere fail to join at the midline and never form a circular structure. In all mutant backgrounds and for all R neuron types examined, the location and number of cell bodies appear equivalent to wild type. The eb enhancer-trap neurons were immunostained in wholemount for Beta-gal and processed for the HRP-DAB reaction. The scale bar in (A) = 50 µm for all images. The drawing atop each column is reproduced with permission from Strauss and Heisenberg (1993).

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