Three-dimensional Reconstruction of the Drosophila Larval and Adult Brain
- Handling of the VRML models and movies

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VRML Viewers (plug-ins for Netscape or Internet Explorer) are freeware and available for PC, Macintosh and UNIX platforms:

  • PC / Windows (95/98/NT):

    The following VRML-Browsers work with Netscape Navigator 4 or Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    The following VRML-Browser only works with Internet Explorer:

  • Mac:

    The following VRML-Browser only works with Netscape Navigator > 4:

    The following VRML-Browser only works with Internet Explorer: See further information and news at

  • PC/Linux:

    All Linux VRML-Browsers are developmental.

  • FreeWRL - Best developmental VRML-Browser.
  • VRwave, Hyperwave 0.9 More information at the VRML4Linux page.

  • SGI/Irix:

    Once you have installed one of the suggested plug-ins, you may investigate the model. The reconstructed VRML models consist of 18 surfaces (larva) and 31 surfaces (adult). Furthermore, 60 images (converted original confocal images comprising z-layer as well as x- and y-layers) can be moved through the 3D volume. Additionally, all surface objects can be removed. By clicking onto the surfaces a little ball appears instead of the surface. By clicking on these little balls the surface reappears. Movies can be viewed with a Quicktime Movieplayer standalone or plug-in application.

  • Larval Brain Model
  • Adult Brain Model

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