Figure 3 - Frontal Sections Through the Adult Brain
Stained for Mushroom Body Markers

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Figure 3 - Frontal sections through the adult brain stained for mushroom body markers.

Columns are labeled with the antibody used. Each row shows a different plane through the mushroom bodies, advancing from posterior to anterior. 1-8) calyces (ca) and Kenyon cells (kc), 9-16) peduncles (p) and fan-shaped body (fb). Insets show a magnification of the peduncle to resolve its lateral, central, and medial portions, as drawn in Figure 1. Anti-FASII staining demarcates these three fiber tracts by differential staining: the medial peduncle is strongly stained, the narrow central peduncle is unstained, and the lateral peduncle is weakly stained. 17-24) a lobe, a' lobe, and posterior portions of the b and b' lobes. The heel (h) is delineated by the weak staining of anti-FASII. 25-32) b' lobe interleaved between the b lobe and the g lobe. 33-40) g lobe above the antennal lobes (al). Scale bar is 50µm.

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