Neurons and Glial Cells of the Mushroom Bodies

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Camera lucida drawing of Golgi impregnated mushroom body neurons against neuropil outlines.

A, left: Kenyon cells with clawed dendrites in the calyx (ca) send axons through the peclunculus (ped) to the g division and some send branches into the vertical lobe where they form whorls within terminal swellings. A, right: Antennal lobe (ant lob) projection neurons comprise the major supply to the calyx (ca) via the inner antennocerebral tract (i act), extending into the lateral horn (l ho). B, left: Efferent neuron from the b lobe, with terminals in a and in surrounding s m pr. B, right: Kenyon cells with slender spined dendrites in the calyx supply the b and a lobes. C, left: An efferent neuron originating from terminal swellings of g sends recurrent branches back into g and an axon to the head of a' and surrounding the s m pr. C, right: Glial cells in g, in the ped-a' junction near the spur (sp), and at the head of a' occupy distinct domains corresponding to specific extrinsic neuron processes. D, left: Efferent neuron arising from the pedunculus-a lobe junction, with terminals in the roof of the s l pr and part of the s m pr. D, right: Efferent neuron from terminal swellings of g, with endings in the s m pr and i m pr. E: Protocerebral "interior" neuron supplying heterolateral arborizations to g and unilateral branches to the head of a'. F: Afferent extrinsic neuron with dendrites (de) in the i m pr, providing heterolateral terminals to dorsal swellings of g, and recurrent endings in the keel (ke) of g. G:Heterolateral efferent neuron originating from the terminal swelling of b and providing varicose terminals in the i m pr, flanking the a lobe shaft. H: Heterolateral neuron linking the heads of a, with arborizations in the s m pr. Cell body location uncertain.

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